What is OIS and how to make photography great ?

There are many words megapixels, sensors, aperture, shutter speed, wide angle, macro, night. When it comes to mobile technology, you will get to hear some new words here everyday. but in recent times, if a word is getting heard the most, then it is OIS and Image Stabilization. But you know what technology it is and what is OIS? and how to make photography great ? Or how does this OIS work. People with this word often get confused. So let us take the brief information.

What is OIS?

While photography, do not shake your hand a little bit that the image gets spoiled. If it is said in ordinary technical language, it gets blurred. And mobile photography, where you click the picture with the phone in hand, then this complaint is highest. The hand is more shaken than the TRAI pod. This problem is aggravated either at night or when using the zoom. In such a situation, OIS is a technique that helps you to create clear and clear images and videos only when the hand is moving. It maintains stability.

Now let’s come to the OIS technique that OIS means optical image stabilization. This hardware based camera is a technique that helps in adjusting the movement by moving the camera physically when the camera is moving in an unwanted way. You must be wondering if the camera actually moves. Yes, in OIS, the camera has such a function that it adjusts by moving a light-hearted shock.

You will get the most benefit from this during the night. As you know, the camera makes photos with light. During the night the lights are low and capturing the lights takes a little time when the picture is clicked and in such a time the hand is shaken. In such a situation, OIS helps in giving you better results by adjusting this movement of the hand.

What is OIS and how to make photography great ?

The OIS consists of a small gyroscope that detects the movement of the hand and moves the camera in the reverse direction. It has an actuators ie motor which detects the hand movement in real time and adjusts the camera accordingly. If your hand is down accidentally, the camera will remain on the subject above and if the hand goes right then the camera will move left. In this way OIS makes you image and video quite stable.

Capability of OIS is measured through Plus / Minus. For example, an OIS can adjust 17 ° or 20 ° +/– stabilization. According to the phone, its capacity is different. But it can definitely be said that OIS adjusts to small movements and not heavy.

What is the difference between OIS and EIS?

As I mentioned, OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization which is a hardware based technology. The phone has separate components for OIS that stabilize images and videos.

At the same time, EIS stands for electronic image stabilization, which is a software based technology. Phone companies try to stabilize the picture with the help of software, not with the help of any hardware.

If these two are compared then OIS is considered the best. If this is the reason, this technique is discussed more during photography today.