Free WiFi will be available at these places in Delhi, fast speed up to 200mbps

Free Wi-Fi facility has been started for common people in Delhi from Thursday.  This scheme has been started by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.  109 hotspots have been introduced at the inauguration time.  CM Kejriwal says that Delhi has become the first city in the world, where the government has introduced free Wi-Fi facility for the entire city.
Free WiFi
 Starting this hotspot, Kejriwal spoke to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia through video conferencing at the university metro station.  Earlier, the Delhi government has made 200 units of free electricity, 20 thousand liters of free water, free travel in the bus to women and made its place in the hearts of people.

 Let me tell you that at the time of elections Kejriwal himself promised in the manifesto that he will be given free Wi-Fi facility in Delhi.  At the same time, now the promise has finally been fulfilled.  People will get 200mbps speed in this WiFi.

 Wi-Fi speed

 The speed of Wifi will be maximum 200 to minimum 100 Mbps.  100 people can use the Internet at a hotspot.  To make this easier, an app has been made that will be introduced soon.


 To run the internet through the hotspot, users must provide some information to call the OTP over the phone.  The hotspot will be connected via OTP.  Sarakar says that Internet wifi automatic will be connected in the hotspot near which the users will go.

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