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In the new era, the Smartphone comapanies carry different research and development for better optimized the smartphones, the testing carryout out  for new placements for front-facing cameras, from the ever-shrinking notch to pop-up, 'punch-hole' and side-mounted snappers, and it seems a sudden race to create 'under display' cameras has just popped up.
Oppo tweeted a video of its own under display camera, then Xiaomi has reply by releasing a video of its own, more advanced looking, under display snapper.

Chinese companies Oppo and Xiaomi both showed off under-screen cameras. To birth the new  technology in the mobile technology, And make the full screen phones with in display camera.

The fight over notches is quickly becoming a thing of the past, with companies like Oppo and Xiaomi already working on transparent display cameras that hide the sensor beneath the screen — no notch required. Today, Xiaomi senior vice president Wang Xiangtweeted a series of slides that explained more about how the feature actually works, via DPReview.

For Xiaomi's execution of the component, the camera is installed in the top of the gadget, as usual. In any case, instead of putting a fringe around it (a score) or cutting an opening in the screen (a gap punch display), the camera is secured with a "special-low-intelligent glass with high transmittance." 

Xiaomi says the setup allows the zone of the display to wind up transparent to take pictures, and the transparent display at that point astutely doubles as the camera lens on top.

Xiaomi also notes that by doing whatever it takes not to make the camera (and, accordingly, the unavoidable score) as small as possible, the transparent display system allows for a bigger sensor and preferable picture quality over its existing tear notches.

It doesn't have all the earmarks of being an ideal system yet: in Xiaomi's slides, you can still see a black out diagram of the camera lens underneath the dynamic display, yet it's at any rate a useable region of the screen instead of one that is obscured totally by a solid indent on top. Contrasted with other indent less solutions, similar to spring up lenses or flipping camerasthere are no precisely moving parts to stress over here. 

All we need currently is a telephone that really uses the new camera. All Xiaomi is saying until further notice is that it's "as of now investigating the possibility." Although knowing the organization's adoration for trial smartphones that push new structure factors and innovation, ideally we won't need to hold up excessively long.

we all hope that, the technology adavanced in future and new technology comes in mobile areas. For better optimized the smartphone.

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